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If you want your company to be competitive in the 21st century, Enterprise Value Stream Mapping is exactly what you need. This methodology reaches far beyond the well-known Value Stream Mapping system from the 1990’s. Instead of focusing on just the flow of materials or a products, Enterprise Value Stream Mapping also considers the Information/Communication flow, which gives an accurate picture of the real Customer Lead Time. We have spent several years working on developing this new tool to make it more effective and up-to-date.



5 full days

3 Days – Enterprise Value Stream Mapping Workshop

2 Days – Future Implementation Plan Workshop


WHAT YOu Will Learn

This workshop is divided into two parts. During the first three days there will be lectures on the use of  Enterprise Value Stream Mapping as one of the most effective methods of Lean.

You will be able to develop a Current Stated Map and then create your own Future State Value Stream Map.

Next two days have been added to help you complete a 6 month Implementation Plan.

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Enterprise Value Stream Mapping is imperative for companies who want to be competitive in the 21st century.


You will have an accurate understanding of the ‘whole’ and be able to predict the impact changes will have on the ‘system’. Our clients are able to make total ‘system’ transformations as opposed to ‘point’ improvements.


You will receive your certification after successfully completing this course.


Goals of This Course

Learning Goals

  • Introduce Enterprise Value Stream Mapping.
  • Develop the ability to See The Flow and create Future State Value Streams.

Skills You Will Obtain

First of all you need to understand that a value stream is a set of activities that are used to deliver a product or service to a client, from order to delivery itself. It is very important to know and make each process effective as a part of an end-to-end system in order to bring improvement. The tool of Enterprise Value Stream Mapping includes the whole Value Stream – starting with the customer order all the way to product or service delivery (including all information, communication and documentation flows). You will be able to see an accurate picture of the Enterprise, which will help in developing an effective Future State Implementation Plan.

Using Enterprise Value Stream Mapping, which also considers the Information/Communication flows, our clients can successfully improve and bring reformation to the system itself, and not only make single improvements. This will also help to calculate accurate Customer Lead Time.

Enterprise Value Stream Mapping helps you to put the difficult structure of your company into a clear and easy to understand visual document, which you will be able to use for development of a perfect Enterprise Implementation Plan. You won’t have to spend time on optimizing single areas anymore.

You will gain an understanding of the big picture and will be able to see in advance how your reform and changes will influence the ‘system’. This will help you to create a Plan of your next steps of improvement and realize the best times for them to be made. This tool is useful for organizations and companies that want to keep their competitiveness in the 21 century.

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