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Lean Agile Scrum Master Certification




The Lean Agile Scrum Master Certification course will teach you and your team to develop working software, while spending minimal time and with fewer mistakes. You will learn to manage your growth and progress cycle and collaboration with clients, developers, testers and business executives. You will be equipped to raise the standards of efficiency of your working process and incorporate the tools of Agile Development, together with the principles of Lean.



5 full days


WHAT You will learn

Course members learn the roles of the Scrum Master, product owners and delivery team. You will find out the secrets of a successful Lean Agile team and all team roles, uniting people around one purpose and helping them to achieve their goals and have success in development projects.

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Teams that want to produce working software in much shorter periods of time, with fewer errors.


You will learn how to run a successful Lean Agile team and all its roles, and how to lead multiple teams working concurrently on a development project.


You will receive your certification after successfully completing this course.

The Skills you will learn

Course Objectives

After completing this course you will acquire the following skills:

  • Methodologies of Lean Agile development in practicality, working with real Lean frameworks, IT businesses or software development duties.
  • How to develop user stories that meet customers’ demands.
  • How to manage release and sprint planning, analyzing user stories and evaluating techniques.
  • How to conduct sprint daily progress, using one of the Lean Agile icons:  stand-up meeting.
  • How to show the current project status using burn-up and burn-down charts, as well as the kanban board.
  • How to lead a Lean Agile development team through a sprint – starting with gathering the requirements and ending with a demonstration of the final product.

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