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Lean Six Sigma Training

The word ‘lean’ literally means without fat – and that is exactly what this training program aims to transform your business into. Lean Six Sigma training is a process of “cutting the fat” from your business operations, helping to streamline them and remove those processes that aren’t effective or efficient enough. Lean Six Sigma Training will empower your employees to improve processes by optimizing workflows, delivering higher quality work, and improving customer service – all to ultimately increase your bottom line.

Boss Services specializes in manufacturing, services and healthcare Lean Six Sigma training, provided by a certified team of Champions, Master Black Belts, and Black Belts. Our program incorporates Lean and Six Sigma tools with project management techniques to develop the competencies in each participant to lead continuous improvements and effective projects that enhance staff performance and better meet client needs. All participants earn their Lean Six Sigma Certification upon successful completion of the program.

Our Green, Yellow and White Belt training courses use a mixture of classroom and workplace application to ensure that attendees are both learning the concepts and able to effectively apply them in real-life scenarios. Hands-on, interactive training includes:

Value Stream Mapping – Step-by- step process mapping identifying value- and non-value-added activities with your team and driving waste out of the process

Problem-Solving Root-Cause Analysis – Tools identifying the root causes of problems in your process

Kaizen Events – Short-term improvement projects with specific processes to practice working with your team to solve problems and implement change

You’ll be amazed by the changes and improvements that training all your employees in Lean Six Sigma principles from the top down can bring your business! You may also be surprised to know that Lean Six Sigma training is supported by government grants in many cases. There is no reason to wait: contact Boss Services to find our more about our Lean Six Sigma training services today!