Project Management

AdVancement Of your skills in managing projects: basic principles of success



During this course you will receive practical knowledge, tools and methods that will help you to better your results and the quality of your projects.
This workshop addresses the full life cycle of a project and gives you a good foundation of knowledge and practice how to manage it.
This course will give you the opportunity to practice the vital principles and methods for project management that will help you to improve the quality of your work and better your project results.



2 full days


WHAT you will learn

The contents of this course lines up with the framework of the Project Management Institute (PMI). Nevertheless its goal is to concentrate on the practical use of its concepts in real life.
You will learn practical tools for specialists who are new to the whole project management ‘business’. This course will also be very useful for business analysts, professionals who are partially involved in project management, or leaders with much experience who are looking for new development techniques and tools.

Grants may be obtained from the government

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Individuals who are new to project management,  managers responsible for projects and experienced project managers looking to review current tools.


Even if you are an “accidental” project manager (professionals for whom PM is a secondary part of their jobs), business analyst, subject-matter expert from any field who contribute to projects or just an experienced project manager – you will learn a lot of current techniques and processes.


You will receive your certification after successfully completing this course.

the skills you will learn

Course Objectives

  • Ensure that all of your projects are set for success from the very beginning.
  • Find out the basic principles of efficiently gathering and documenting necessary requirements.
  • Gain insight into the roles of a project manager, business analyst and other professionals in this field.
  • Work out your own project plan and implement it into real-life situations – including budgets, risks, schedules etc.
  • Manage the skill of tracking and reporting the progress of your projects.
  • Win respect of your co-workers and gain trust of your executives.

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