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What is Lean Methodology


«Lean is a management system that has come across globally and has been adopted across many industries. Regardless of the sectors you see Lean practices and ways of operating your business,» – says Julia Novik, Innovation Coach, Founder, Boss Services.

Lean is a management system. It is philosophy that was developed through Toyota production manufacturing. The way Toyota manufactures car, from point of view of efficiency, quality, delivery and safety. This principles of Lean management have come across globally and they’ve been adopted across many industries, regardless of the sectors you see Lean practices and ways of operating your businesses: in banking, manufacturing, healthcare.

«Many other industries can adopt it, because it’s all about how you design your operations, structure, how you align your people towards the goals and objectives of the company and how you create a system where everybody works in the most efficient and organized manner in order to drive quality, efficiency, optimize your cost and safety,» – she concludes.

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